April 29, 2008

Even in small town USA

I just have to say that you never know what will happen. Okay, so I live in the middle of a cornfield, in a town of, oh, 2000 maybe. We saw two ambulances, a police car, 2 volunteers and a locksmith pull into the driveway across the street. We just met the guy last weekend. The locksmith went into the house for a minute or two, then left. We have 4 doors to the outside of the house, and I was sitting in the living room. Then I see Jacob run out to the road (a busy road) then ran across the street to see the sirens/lights. They almost had to use one of the ambulances for me. I don't think I've ever moved that quick, but I was out the front door, flipping out that Jacob had quietly gone out the back door, which is by the kitchen and the kids keep their drinks in there. He's old enough I didn't feel I needed to follow him around. How wrong I was I guess. So I run across the street, take him inside and I think he sensed how scared I was because he freaked out, scared to death. I'm still trying to recover from that. That's another one of my mother-of-the-year stories. Man, I tell you what. Anyway, pretty soon, the county sheriff arrived, along with a couple cars with people wearing blue gloves. Then another car pulled in and I recognized the coroner. Yeah. After awhile, they backed a truck up to the front door, and, you guessed it, out comes a body bag. I just can't believe it. I have no idea what went on, but because the locksmith came, I'm guessing it was a suicide. A little bit ago someone knocked on the door to ask where the "Smiths" lived. I didn't recognize the last name, and he then said "They had a tragedy tonight". He looked like a pastor. I feel a little guilty that we watched all of that, like it was a tv show and this family is having some kind of crisis. I'm still stunned. Absolutely stunned. I remember when my life was very boring. Nothing exciting went on, except maybe finding a good deal on groceries, or finding a $1 on the ground. It's been too exciting for my taste this past year.


AwkwardMoments said...

OH my ..I bet your heart did sink. I'm sorry that you had to watch that from your front door instead of tv.

Anonymous said...

*It* can happen anywhere. I live in a county with more livestock than people. We had a tragic murder-suicide a couple weeks ago. Man shot his wife, then himself. Their 5 & 7 yr old children along with their grandfather found them.
Absolutely devastated our community.

Jen said...

Yikes, that's not something you want to witness first hand. I'm glad your little one didn't get too far.