April 29, 2008

Deja Vu

Now I'm not passing any judgement, because I really don't have room to talk. My first two children would have been 15 months apart had I carried to my due date with Clara. I had an outpatient come in this weekend that I recognized, what we call a "frequent flyer". I recognized her friend, too. She was 31-32 weeks, and came in with cramping, which turned out to be a nasty UTI. Anyway, she was a very petite 16 year old, G2P1. I figured I must have had her on one of her other visits, so I looked back at the database, which lists all the nurse's assessment for every visit throughout the pregnancy and didn't find my name. Hmm, that's strange because I knew I had taken care of her. So I go through all the questions we have to go through each time and then it dawned on me: I had taken care of her during her 1st pregnancy. She delivered just last fall, and I remember talking to her and her friend because they asked me about my pregnancy. Plus I thought it odd that she came in at 0200 or so with her friend, but she lives with her parents. She always had her friend bring her in after she got off work at a fast food restaurant. After I told her she'd be staying for IV antibiotics until a.m., she called her dad to have him wake up her baby and bring him in. Which her dad did. She should've just let the poor thing sleep at home. Anyway, her babies will only be 10 months apart if she carries to her due date! She actually went for her 6 week postpartum checkup and was pregnant. I can't even imagine, though I know it happens. I've remembered taking care of people before, but never have I mistaken which pregnancy it was!