April 9, 2008

Knowing your labor nurse

After I graduated from college, I only moved about an hour away. And where I live, there is a large company that employs a lot of people I went to school with. So, I end up seeing a lot of people when they come in to have a baby. Most are people that I recognize and then once I see their maiden name, I know who they are, although I might have just remembered them from class and not actually have talked to them in school. My guess is that most don't recognize me, especially since my last name is different. But, it may mean that there are people who recognize me from college that I dont recognize. I wasn't be any means popular, but it was a small private college, I was in a sorority and held office, and was president of a small club on campus. I also see people I did talk to but haven't seen in years. I just wonder how they feel when I come in the room and say "Hi, I'm your nurse tonight". Maybe it's comforting to some to know the nurse because labor is a scary thing. But I tend the think that they think "Great, I went to school with her and now she's going to be looking at my vagina and butt, and oh, what if I crap while pushing, great, just great". Because I would probably be that way. Yeah, when I had my kids I knew the people taking care of me, but I knew that would be the case since I work with them. Most other people don't think about the chance that they might know their labor nurse, because what are the odds? (just for the record, we don't think anything about poop, or seeing your stuff, and I promise we won't be talking about it at the desk) Two of my sorority sisters are expecting this month. With each of them I happened to be working the night they had their first babies, and made sure that I didn't have them as one of my patients because luckily it was an option, but there has been a time or two when I had to take someone I knew as a patient. It does add a bit of stress on my part. I always do my best, but I want to make sure I'm doing my job with people I know because I don't want them to think I suck. And it seems like half the time, I miss the IV, and I'm good at IV's. And it happens to other nurses I work with. Give me a patient who says they're a bad stick, and I see it as a challenge and usually I can get it in when others can't. But give me a person I know who has huge ropes for veins, and the vein blows, or I can't advance it. I do try to avoid taking care of people I know, but I always go in to chat and congratulate them.

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