April 7, 2008

Another weekend

This past weekend at work wasn't too bad. Last night was really slow. Saturday was pretty slow, but kinda sad. We had more babies staying for things like high bilirubins, and a couple grower/feeders. One of the babies was the 31 weeker I took care of a few weeks ago (lates all night, delivered finally after a biophysical profile score of 0/10). The mom was in there and I recognized her, but didn't figure she'd remember me, the nurse who she was upset with for waking her up and messing with her all night. She had said at one time that night something along the lines of "I'm not getting rest and this can't be good for my bloodpressure" She had come in for high blood pressure after taking it at a local store. She asked me Saturday if I worked L&D and if I remembered her. She then said she didn't "get it" that night, but she does now and that she was appreciative of what I did. All I did was my job and what any other nurse would do. But, I tell you, it was nice to hear. Her baby is doing really well. She'll probably get to go home in a couple days. We had another patient who had come in for a tox work-up at 30 weeks who ended up being sent to the high-risk hospital for the same reason as that mom Sunday morning. Her monitor strip actually looked better than the mom I took care of. Her other baby was born at 29 weeks due to high blood pressure and an abruption. So she expected that all would be well with this baby, who scored a 4/10 on its biophysical profile. Unfortunately they don't expect this baby to make it. You never can tell what's going to happen from the monitor. Saturday, my co-worker who found out she was pregnant with twins came in with spotting at 12 weeks, and she lost her babies. They had stopped growing at about 7-8 weeks. Her doc thinks it was twin-twin transfusion, although he said you don't usually see problems with it this early. It's too bad for anyone, but they were so happy because it took them so long to get pregnant with their daughter, and for them to get pregnant so quickly, and with twins. But she said she's glad she at least has a reason to why it happened.

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