April 2, 2008

Milestones and Poop

It's pretty amazing to watch how a baby changes in such a short period of time during the first year. It seems every week, Isaiah is doing something new. He's almost figured out how to flip himself onto his stomach. He gets himself up on a side and gets stuck because he just can't figure out how to get his arm out of the way. He's also able to see a lot farther and will grin at us from across the room. And he's pretty chatty. Hopefully sometime soon he'll hit the sleeping-through-the-night milestone. He has been sleeping better lately. The last 2 nights, he's fallen asleep about 10, wakes up about 2:30am to eat and went back to sleep until about 6:30. So we're getting there.
Lately, Jacob has been acting kinda weird. About 2 weeks ago, he pooped in his pants, something he hasn't done since we took him out of pull-ups. And then I started noticing huge wads of toilet paper in the trash can with poop on it, as well as poop smears on the toilet seat cover. So Friday I washed it. Saturday morning, I noticed his rug in his bedroom. It looked like he pooped on it and smeared it in, and when I woke up that afternoon, there was poop on the toilet seat cover and a bunch of poop-smeared TP. We tried asking him about what he's doing, but he gets embarrassed and won't answer. I can't decide if he's having issues with being able to go, or it he's just having a hard time getting himself clean. Or if maybe its a late set-back because we brought a new baby home. I'm not sure. I'm going to get wipes again to see if that helps and try to push more water. It's just seems weird that all of a sudden he's doing this. And of course, because I'm a nurse, I keep looking for a reason and my mind gets to all the horrible things that I'm sure it's not, but I can't keep from thinking about. Occasionally he'll complain about his belly hurting, but hasn't since all this started. I guess if it continues I'll probably call the peds office to see if any of the nurses there have suggestions.

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