April 16, 2008

Under quarantine

One thing I worried about after having my first baby was what I would do if I was sick and he was also sick. And as we added number 2 and 3, I thought, man, am I in trouble if all of us are sick at the same time. Well, Monday evening and Tuesday I got to find out what it would be like. Monday afternoon, I woke up and I could tell I had a fever, and my throat was so sore and swollen that I could barely talk. But I had to pick up the kids from daycare, so I took Tylenol and left. I called husband and asked him to make the kids sandwiches for supper because I wasn't going to be feeling up to it (He runs a sandwich shop). So I get the kids loaded up, and as I pull into the parking lot of the restaurant, Jacob vomits all over the back seat of the van. Not what I needed at that point in time. Husband brings out a bucket of water and plenty of wipes, we change Jacob's clothes since we had his school bag, and get the van cleaned up as best we can. I gave Jacob the bucket and told him if he felt sick again, to puke in the bucket. I was praying that it was just a random vomit. Nope. Halfway home, he vomits again. The drive home is basically a straight shot down a highway 12 miles from the restaurant. As I turn to go into town, Jacob spills the bucket of puke. I thought I was going to cry. So, I clean up as best as I can after the getting the kids in the house. At this point, I'm starting to feel worse, and Jacob is laying on the couch. The poor guy ended up vomiting until about 10pm, and started having diarrhea. Clara and Isaiah seemed fine. I did notice the tip of one of Clara's fingers was read and probably infected around the nail cuticle, so I'm going to have to take her to the doc. Isaiah ate at about 8:30 and me, Isaiah and Clara went to bed. Husband stayed up with Jacob until 10, and he carried him up to bed. About this time, I'm freezing cold. I've bundled myself up in 3 huge blankets and I finally realize I'm chilling from fever. I know I shouldn't wrap myself up, but at that point in time I didn't care. I did finally get up for more Tylenol and I decided perhaps I should check my temp, because I felt like death, and it was 102. So I go to bed and manage to sleep a bit, until Clara starts crying. She had vomited in her bed. I get up and have to change her bed, clean her up and find her a puke bucket and while I'm doing this, I'm freezing and sore. I kept thinking that if this was back in the old days, our house would be placed under quarantine! I get back to bed, but never really fall back to sleep for very long. I had forgotten how miserable you get with a fever. Husband had to go to work in the morning, but he came home about 1pm. The one good thing about that night - Isaiah slept through all of it. He slept until 4:30. That part was great! I managed through the morning until nap time. Jacob felt fine when he woke up, but Clara was laid up on the couch vomiting. After Husband got home, he took Isaiah downstairs, and me, Clara and Jacob all took a 4 1/2 hour nap. And we all felt better after waking up, but man did it suck. I'm still crossing my fingers Isaiah doesn't come down with any of what we had. Come on breastmilk, do your thing! We're all fine and healthy now. I don't consider myself to be tough, but after Monday night and Tuesday, I feel a lot tougher and I now know I can handle being sick and taking care of sick kids. I am woman and mother, hear me roar!

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