April 14, 2008

Routine weekend again

It was another not so bad weekend at work. It would have been better if I wasn't harboring a cold. My throat is on fire, my tonsils are twice as big as usual and my uvula is so swollen it's sitting on the back of my tongue, giving me a constant sensation of almost gagging. It's been great. It really seems like I've had more sickness these past few weeks than ever, just one thing after another. "Sigh". Anyway, had a couple nice deliveries. The first was a second babe for the couple, mom is a nurse, and they came in because she was cramping. She wasn't too active, planned on an epidural eventually. Well, as fate would have it, she started to get active, suddenly dilated very quickly, and she ruptured as she was about to sit up for her epidural. Sitting up for her epidural sealed her fate as the baby started to deliver, before her epidural was in. She had no intentions of doing it without an epidural, but did great. As the baby was crowning, with no doc in sight, she asked who was going to deliver the baby. Um, that would be me. She finally realized this was happening and delivered her baby. She had no faith in herself before, but man she did afterwards. Nothing like a 2 1/2 hour labor! Doc came in right after the baby delivered; the cord hadn't even been cut yet. But, you can't stop real labor. My other delivery was a first baby. I love deliveries in general, but nothing beats a first baby. They were just absolutely thrilled after their baby was born after 20 plus hours of labor.

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