May 2, 2008

Doc appointments

This morning after work, I went to see my GP about my auras and headaches I've been having. Like I suspected, he says it sounds like classic migraine auras, the only thing odd is that I started having them at an older age. It sounded weird to hear that, but usually people have the onset a bit younder (I'll be 30 this year), but that it wasn't unheard of to start having them at my age. I was there for about 30 minutes, the longest I've ever been checked over by a doc, and he thinks the problem is sleep deprivation, but there isn't much we can do about it right now because I'm breastfeeding. An he's probably right. Even though I've worked nights for a long time, I did switch from working 4-5 nights a week to 3 nights a week while I was pregnant, I started having them after I was getting up and down 3 times a night to pee when I was home, and I continue to wake up a couple times a night. I also can't seem to stay asleep very long after I've worked. Like today. I went to bed a 9a.m. I fell asleep fine, but I woke up about 12:30, and tried to fall back to sleep to no avail. I never had this problem before Isaiah was born. I don't know if its because I'm in new-mommy mode and I'm more atuned to noises, or if its because I've been sleeping at night more often than not. I'm not sure. He said there are sleep aids and medications to stop migraines, but he doesn't want to tell me to stop breastfeeding, because he'd like me to continue for at least 6 months. I told him I can live with the aura and the minor headache that follows. I basically just wanted to make sure that that is what it was. I was thinking "no way am I going to quit nursing unless I absolutely have to". I've heard people say that melatonin is a great thing to take to help with sleep and nightshift so I might have to check that out and make sure it's okay to breastfeed with. Right now, doc didn't think I need to have an MRI to rule out anything else. But I'm to keep a log of the auras and to call if they become more frequent, get worse, or if I have any other neurological symptoms like numbness. He also said that if I decide I do want imagining to just call and they'd have it scheduled. I think he was frustrated because he couldn't really help me, but I told him that I really just wanted to make sure that it was migraine auras and that I can deal with them and try to make lifestyle changes. He also said that the POP's Im on for bcp is actually the prefered form of bcp for people with migraines, so I'm much relieved with that info.

Tomorrow we're going up to my sisters medical school graduation. My in-laws are coming down to watch Jacob and Clara, which makes me a bit nervous, and we're taking Isaiah with us since he's content to sit and be held. We'll only be gone during the day and I'm sure everything will be fine. The last time they were down, it was much better than it had been. It's weird to think that my little sister, is a doctor. I still remember us as kids, and I was kinda mean, okay, I was mean, but I was the big sister and viewed that as my job. I remember telling her "I'm going to give you a nickname and I'll let you choose. It's either butthead or buttwipe". To which she chose butthead. I used to hang her stuffed animals and dolls up to her ceiling fan and turn them on so they would be circling the room by their necks. I talked her into eating crayons as a toddler by telling her that there was candy mixed in with my crayon bucket (there wasn't). I told her that the colored pennies were worth more than the silver coins and certainly more than the paper and that I'd gladly take them off her hands. And I also would tell her "smell my butt, I promise I won't fart". But of course I would. I'm not sure why I did this, or how I was able to do it on demand or why she would actually do it. I'm sure she just wanted me to like her. Yeah, I was mean, and of course we were kids then. There was payback, of course. When I was in high school, a friend and I decided to get up on the roof of my house, not sure why we thought that was a good idea, but we did. My sister and her friend took the ladder down and left us up there in the middle of the summer. I also got to wear a glass of milk after a rude comment when I was a freshman in college. I'm sure my mom was worried we'd always hate each other. But we grew up and we talk everyday. I cried and whined to her when husband and I broke up when we were dating, I call her for medical advice and to complain about anything and everything, and she was there when I delivered Jacob and Isaiah and would have been there for Clara if she could have been, but Husband barely made it for her birth, let alone anyone else. I couldn't take her out to get drunk on her 21st b-day because I was 30 plus weeks preggo with Jacob, and I couldn't drink with her when she graduated from college because I was preggo with Clara, and I can't party too much tomorrow because I have 4 month old. But I'm very proud of what she's been able to do and wouldn't miss this graduation for the world. Hell, I'll probably even cry when they read her name, followed by MD. I mean, she had to be smart to survive a sister like me, right?! Anyway, congrats sis on becoming "Butthead, MD"


Future OB/GYN said...

Congrats to your little sister! What kind of doctor does she want to be?

AwkwardMoments said...

Congrats to you lil sister! That is a big deal! Enjoy your time with her tomorrow!

I think all "older" sisters are supposed to be mean. I was an older sister and pretty pulled the same stunts

Anonymous said...

Your not the only one... I started having migraines w/ aura after my first childbirth at age 30. Same deal, sleep deprivation as cause due to breastfeeding. Give it a couple more months and once the sleeping gets better, hopefully the migraines will as well.

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