May 6, 2008


I had vowed to get outside and start walking and running again when it finally warmed up. It's been pretty nice lately, but I'm really struggling to get my lazy butt out and run. When I'm in shape, I really do enjoy running. I listen to music and just kinda space out. But it's going to take me some time to get back into shape so that when I run, I'm not so uncomfortable. And I think that's why I can't seem to get back into it. Plus by the time husband gets home, we get dinner cleaned up, there isn't a whole lot of time before we have to give the kids baths and get them into bed. What I need is a running buddy - someone that would in a way hold me responsible for getting out there. I guess I'm lacking discipline..

Clara is pretty much potty trained, but we're still struggling to get her to stay dry at night. I know a lot of kids have a hard time with this, but we were spoiled by how easily Jacob made that transition. I think Clara is a more sound sleeper than Jacob, though. Some mornings, she wakes up dry, but the rest of the time, she's wet. She wears a pull-up at night, but doesn't at nap time. If she refuses to sit on the potty before nap, and she then sleeps soundly, she often wakes up wet. Or if I just finished the last load of laundry. She's always looking out for me, making sure I have something to do. I'm so ready for her to figure this last part of potty training out!

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Brooke (CrazyRN) said...

I so know what you mean about needing a running buddy! I've been trying to get motivated for the past 2 years! When I started working nights 3 years ago my exercise routine disappeared and I am desperate to get back into it. I'm okay with my weight, but I really need to tone everything back up! I know it would help me feel better too if I was in better shape! It's just so hard with working nights, it's never a good time to go. Ugh.

Potty training is so challenging! I remember it all too well! Our son always had his sippy cup with him and it was hard to break him of the habit in order for him to stay dry during the noc.