May 19, 2008

Mr. Sandman found

Things are much happier here in my house. Even though I was on the verge of strangling my dear, loving husband, the whole coming home early turned into a blessing, of sorts. I finally laid down about 4a.m.ish and slept on the couch until the other kids came down for breakfast. Husband knew how mad I was because instead of saying things and not letting it go like I usually do, I was silent, so he kept the house clean and very nice and attentive. I doubt that it happens again. After talking with Jacob and Clara for awhile and then feeding Isaiah, I went to be at about 8:30. And I slept. In my bed with my beautiful pillows, and without a baby in the crook of my arm and one of the "ladies" hanging out. It was absolute heaven. I did feed Isaiah throughout the day, but that doesn't take too long, plus I barely have to wake up to do that. It's amazing how great I feel after getting probably a good 10 hours of sleep. I needed it. And last night Isaiah fell asleep at 8:00pm and slept until a.m. I've been toying with the idea of starting him on rice cereal. I really wanted to wait until he is 6 months, but he seems so ready to start eating. The other two never really seemed interested in food, but he watches us eat and is easily distracted when he's nursing. So we'll see. Maybe it will help him sleep a bit better. But I'll be sad, I can't explain why exactly, but I will if we start giving him cereal before 6 months. I guess it's just a thing with me.

Work last night was actually very, very slow. I was working post-partum and my two patients were day 2 moms, and didn't need me to do anything. They both breastfed their babies, took pain meds infrequently, and never really needed anything. It made for a long 12 hour shift, though. One of the moms, though, had her husband there overnight, and he was kind of a pain in the ass. He slept the entire time, never got up to change a diaper, he snored and kept mom awake, and kept passing noxious gas in his sleep. To top it off, he got up at one point, used the bathroom. The bathroom in that particular room is right next to the door to the hallway. Man, the nasty odor that wafted into the hallway was overwhelming. Luckily, we were dead slow and no one had to walk past that room, except me. The mom was about ready to kill him I think. I have mixed feelings about dads staying overnight. If they are helpful, and don't sleep through everything and mom wants them there, that's one thing. It's nice to see them supporting their new family and being involved. But frequently I see more of the sort that sleep through everything and aren't much support at all. I sent husband home with our kids. I was breastfeeding and felt like it would be better if he was rested up so he would be more help once I came home. I did make him stay the first night after Clara, because we were waiting to hear her test/echo results and see what the pediatric cardiologist had to say. But, I did know all the staff, so I guess that may have made a difference. :) Anyway, I'm off to bed for hopefully another great sleep.


Jessica said...

I'm glad your husband "caught on" to how mad you were. I'm glad though that you got some sleep. I read the "10 hours" and thought wow! I wish! lol...

Re: your patient...if my husband did that while I was in the hospital, I would've been so mad! Mine went home for the night after I had D. I was scared, but we got through. I didn't get much sleep anyways, since every two hours I was either up with D or a nurse had to check on me. I figured, one of us should be rested before I/we came home!

I hope you got some much needed sleep again!

AwkwardMoments said...

YUCKy smelling unhelpful dad

i am glad the sandman has returnd!