May 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

* I'm still in mourning over the loss of my breastmilk stores. But, I'm hopeful as I've been really "pumping it up" over the last few days and I did the best I could to nurse Isaiah every hour or so, with pumping after at least 2 feedings. I've also been eating oatmeal, because I heard that it supposedly helps increase supply. (although I'm not sure it's really making a difference) It's been a lot of work, but it'll be worth it. Plus I should eat more fiber anyway. We did finally buy a highchair and cereal, so we'll be ready in a couple weeks. When I found this highchair, I was really excited (yes, I know, its a highchair) but we had the traditional ones with the other 2, and they took up so much room. This fits perfectly on our dining table chairs. I can hardly wait to try it out. Just a another 1-3 weeks, though.

* The fashion show was last night and it didn't go too bad at all. The kids were rowdy, but there were plenty other kids there. It was also nice to see co-workers and some of the docs outside of the hospital. The kids didn't spill anything on their outfits, they didn't fuss and they actually walked the cat walk and behaved. I was impressed. One funny thing did happen: one of the doctors was in it with his wife and 4 boys. One of those boys ran up to husband, and grabbed husbands "stuff"! Husband was quite surprised and the kid thought it was hilarious. I sure hope that's not a boy thing!

* The bug guy sprayed for bugs, thank goodness, and not a moment too soon. Two hours before he came, I spotted the biggest spider I've ever seen outside of a biology lab. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

* My sister is moving another 1 1/2 hours away this weekend. Husband is going up to help tomorrow. I can't go because, one, I have to work at 7pm, and two, the kids would be in the way. She starts her intern year in July. She'll only be about 4 hours away, but we won't get to hang out like we used to. I realized the last time she was down, that that will probably be the last time for a very long time that she's able to come down and hang out like that. But, we thought the same about med school, and she was down quite a bit. But, we'll see. It does give me an excuse to spend a couple days up there, a kind of mini-vacation. The kids and I are going up in a few weeks to check things out, and so they can break in her new place.

* Work last night was SOOOO boring. Not that I'm complaining. I guess I am. I discharged 2 patients before midnight, and that left labor empty! Can you believe that?! And no one came in before I left. I spent the whole night helping out with fussy babies in the nursery. Man, it was so slow. I kept hoping a patient would come in so I'd have something to do. There never seems to be a happy medium: you're either dead slow or crazy busy.


AwkwardMoments said...

i am still so sorry about the breastmilk supply.

Good luck getting your sister moved.

I am glad the show was a success.

Mrs. Spit said...

I know I made a pointed comment about busy shifts, but I totally get why that was boring. Nothing worse than having nothing to do. . .

But, if we say hope tonight is busier - does that mean that you'll be run off your feet.

And, as a question, is there anything to the rumor that more women give birth around a full moon?

Anonymous said...

Slow L&D? I'm sure that was very unusual!