February 17, 2008

One more week

I fully realized today that on Saturday, I'm going back to work. While I'm ready to go back in some ways, in others I'm not. I just have a feeling I'm either going to have someone come in and deliver before I get a doc there, or I'm going to have a major decel and end up rushing back to the OR. While I am quite capable of managine these two events, I'd like to ease back into it. But labor and delivery doesn't work like that. So we'll see. I do enjoy taking care of pregnant women, and I am a much better mother when I have something else that makes me me. Jacob and Clara are also dying to go back to school and see their friends. But at the same time, I have to get used to someone else taking care of my baby. Like all mothers, I end up worrying they aren't doing things "right". And it is still RSV season and like I've said before, I'd hate for him to get that. But I'm only working 8 hour shifts this weekend instead of my usual 12. And man am I going to love, love, love Monday morning. I'll come home to an emty house and I'll be able to (potentially) sleep for 8 hours straight. In reality, I'll sleep for a maybe 4 hours and then I'll roll over onto my filling breasts and need to pump. That's after I had to tear myself away from daycare after nursing Isaiah for his first feeding and after I've finally able to realize that he will be just fine in the capable hands of daycare. The other two survived.

So since I've been on maternity leave, we've managed to get Clara potty trained completely during the day. She is perfectly capbable of using the potty and washing her hands while singing "happy birthday" two times. She's done well getting herself clean as well. She does wear a pull-up to bed and occasionally at nap time. Today I decided to put a pull-up on her because I just didn't want to have to wash her bed sheets. As she changed, I noticed she had quite a good amount of toilet paper stuck to her. I'm surprised it wasn't bugging her quite honestly. I've been getting the "bargain" tp since I've been off work, so maybe that was the problem, or it could just be because she's 3. Who knows. But it reminded me of my experiences with pregnant women and hospital toilet paper. I think I'll start buying the good stuff again.

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