February 13, 2008

Sleep deprived ramblings

So I managed to organize my list of blogs I frequent. Hopefully all the links are in right. I'm pretty tired today. I always assumed that the sleeping at night thing gets easier as the baby gets older. Not with Isaiah. I think he's decided that he wants to work nightshift when he grows up because he just doesn't want to sleep. So we went from him sleepin 3-4 hours at a time all night to basically not sleeping at night. It all started the night he slept from about 9:30 to 4:30. And it's progressively getting worse. Last night, I finally got him to sleep about 11:30. I set him down in his cradle and he woke up. So I waited to see if he'd calm down. No, he just worked himself into a fit. So I picked him up and he nestled his head against my breast and closed his eyes. So I waited and tried to lay him down again, and again he woke up. This continued until I nodded off. Then he woke up at 2:30 screaming to eat and then he was gassy for about 2 hours. We tried all the things like mylicon, rubbing his belly, moving his legs around, etc. We tried laying with him next to us and that didn't work. We put him in the vibrating chair where he fell asleep finally at about 5:30. It was pure hell. It was just one of those nights where nothing seemed to be working and I desperately wanted to sleep. I think he just wants to be held, and maybe co-sleeping would work, but I have irrational fears about that. See, when Clara was maybe a week old, I was nursing her in the side-lying position and fell asleep. My husband got up for work and I forgot she was next to me, grabbed a pillow and set it on top of her. I woke up to him grabbing the pillow and putting Clara in her cradle. I freaked out a bit. So I'm scarred from that, but Isaiah's older and we've got to start getting some sleep. Maybe it's just a phase. Ah, the wonderful world of sleep deprivation! Oh well, like they say, I'll sleep when I'm dead! And he's just so cute, it makes it worth it.

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AwkwardMoments said...

I am sorry you are sleep deprived - but he is super cute!!