February 11, 2008

Man, am I tired

This weekend was pretty busy. My mom and sister were down to visit Friday and my sister stayed Friday night. Saturday night, our old college roommates were down to visit. We only get to see them probably 3 times a year, even though they only live 2 hours away. They are married without kids and are busy traveling and doing couple things. We obviously are busy with the kids, and with me working 50 out of 52 weekend nights a year, it makes it hard to get together. But it was a good time. We just jung out and enjoyed a few adult beverages. I did end up going to bed before everyone else, but still later than I should have. The only bad thing about this weekend is I should have gone to bed earlier on both Friday and Saturday night because Isaiah decided not to sleep Thursday night. He's been kind of a pain that way lately. He'll have one good period of about 4 hours of sleep, will get up and eat and then wake up 1-2 hours later, gassy and hungry again, and then he just can't seem to get comfortable or something because he never really goes back to sleep, although he acts like he's still tired. I finally get him settled down and he'll fall asleep just in time for Jacob and Clara to wake up. And naps during the day just don't seem to happen for me. Oh well, it's just part of it, I guess. I keep telling myself as I look at my bloodshot eyes with dark circles underneath them that eventually he'll sleep better. I'm hoping he'll be like the other two and sleep through the night half the time at about 3-4 months. But, I know he could be like a co-workers girls - they didn't sleep through the night until age 5! I'm sure he'll end up somewhere in between there.

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