February 11, 2008

Tonight I got a call from work, asking about scheduling, etc. The charge nurse who called also let me know all the things I missed that will basically make my life a living hell when I go back. Lets see, first there's the whole changing of the MD's call groups, MD's in new offices, new partners, etc. Then I missed CPR renewal, our annual TB testing and fit testing. Oh, and we've been going to computer charting on postpartum and nursery and they implemented the newborn computer charting. So I missed that training. And as a sidenote, the computer charting on postpartum sucked, so I'm sure I'll be really happy about the newborn charting. Luckily I usually always work labor. They also changed how our staffing is outlined each day and apparently it isn't aas easy to read. Not sure how it could be confusing, but I haven't seen it. Management seems to have a knack for making things more difficult. And it's pretty much a given that I'll be charge RN on every weekday night I work. So, it should be fun

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