February 2, 2008

Work, showers, praying, etc.

I realized today that I go back to work in 3 weeks. Which is good and bad. Part of me wants to be able to stay home with my kids. It's also RSV season and we went through RSV with Jacob when he was 6 months old. I really don't want to see Isaiah up in pediatrics with RSV that he came down with at daycare. But, Jacob and Clara have been begging to go to daycare. I think they're tired of playing with just Mommy and Daddy. And I was watching A Baby Story and I kinda missed work. I keep trying to tell myself I only work weekends and one day during the week, so it won't be too bad.

Tomorrow Clara and I are going to a co-worker's baby shower. It should be a lot of fun. It'll be kind of a girls day out. I daydream about doing stuff like that in the future, but who knows what the teen years will bring.

I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying for another co-worker. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last week and had a mastectomy yesterday. She's a single mom, early 30's and the MD found the lump on a breast exam. They are optimistic that with the surgery and chemo she'll be okay. We had a dinner for her on Wednesday to show our support for her. I was talking with her and she said that she never worried about what was going to happen to her. She just didn't want to miss seeing her kids grow up, graduate H.S., get married, etc. It just goes to show you how you never know what tomorrow will bring. And it also shows that you need to do self breast exams and see your MD every year, and report any suspicious lumps you might find. Anyway, I hope she recovers well. Like someone said at the dinner "She's too stubborn; she'll beat it." God willing, she'll be just fine.

Also, thanks to everyone for all the supportive comments left on my post complaining about post-op pain. I'm really doing okay. I just wish I had done things differently. I've been feeling better. The incision is just tender now, I'm wearing jeans and I plan on actually working out tomorrow. I've been paying for a gym membership for that last year and the last time I worked out was September. I quit going after feeling crampy after a work-out while pregnant. I hope that by June, I'll be back into shape, and up for doing a 5K run. We'll see. I'll have to find a really supportive bra for the ladies first, though.

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