February 19, 2008

Some time for me

I am so excited. Tonight I'm finally getting my hair cut. I had a really cute haircut back right when I found out I was pregnant. And I haven't had it cut or trimmed since. I have a rule that I don't get my hair cut while I'm pregnant because while I was pregnant with Jacob, I had my hair cut just above my shoulders (it had been down to about the bra strap) and styled and absolutely hated it. It really wasn't a great cut, and even though I actually had a picture for the girl to go by, it still looked like crap. So, after Clara was born I treated myself and tonight I'm treating myself again.

I've been working out the last 2 weeks, trying to put an dent in the 20 lbs still hanging around. I hope I'll be back to my pre-pregnant weight by summer. That may be a lofty goal, but I say set the goal high and you may not reach it, but maybe I'll be closer than if I set a lower goal. Anyway, last night, I added in some free weights and crunches to my 30 minute treadmill run-walk. I'm able to run 1.25 miles, then I walk a quarter mile, run a half mile and walk the rest of the 30 minutes. Frustraing because I had gotten my run up to 3 miles right before I got pregnant, and I used to be able to run 7 miles no problem. But that was pre-kids. I also did about 7 minutes on the stairmaster while I waited for a treadmill. I felt great afterwards...but not so great today. I feel like someone has been beating on me. I know it's because I haven't worked out those muscles for awhile. Hopefully soon I won't be so sore.

I'm also hoping that one of these days, Isaiah will once again think sleeping is a good idea. I know it's normal newborn behavior, but he refuses to sleep in his crib and his cradle. We just didn't have that problem with the older two, but we had other issues to make up for it. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, finding I'm sitting propped up in bed, one of the "ladies" hanging out and holding Isaiah. So I guess I'm getting sleep because I wake up, I'm able to function, and I'm not overly tired.

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