February 7, 2008

Baby items I can't live without.

1. Purelan. Wonderful stuff for breastfeeding, especially in the first couple weeks when you're really tender.

2. Butt Paste. I first saw this stuff when I was a CNA in a nursing home. The man used it to prevent chafing. This stuff is excellent for diaper rash. This was the only stuff that would clear up the nasty diaper rashes that Jacob got as a baby.

3. Medela breast pump. Love, love, love this machine. Helps me keep my supply up so I can exclusively breastfeed. Although I do end up feeling like I'm milking myself, which I guess in a sense I am!

4. Pampers diapers. These seem to do the best for us in terms of holding in large poops. Others work well, but I like these the best.

5. Baby swing. Works well so I can get some housework done. I'm still holding on to hope that he'll come around and like on of the baby carriers I have, though.

6. Vibrating chair. I love this because the kids can get on his level and talk to him. Sometimes he just doesn't want to be held and this lets him sit, plus the vibration seems to work the gas out of him.

7. Baby Sac. I discovered this at Toys R Us while shopping for a baby shower. It's just the right size for a short trip. There's plenty of space for diapers, wipes, extra outfit, blanket and pockets on the front for purelan, butt paste, etc.

8. A swaddling blanket. I'm pretty picky about what kind of blanket I want to use for swaddling. Really, any will work, but I love a discontinued Amy Coe blanket. It used to be carried at Target. It is thin enough that the baby doesn't get too hot and it will kind of stretch for that snug swaddle. I had them for Jacob and Clara, then they must have been discontinued, but I managed to find a few on ebay.

9. A good nursing bra. Absolutely essential for me to have a good nursing bra. And you can find stylish and supportive nursing bras. Here's a site that Kristina recommended to me.

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AwkwardMoments said...

oh thank you very much fo rhtis list ..if you have specifics of each that you like best .. keep um coming or email me! I love all the help/instruction i can get!