March 6, 2008

General complaints about my department

So I've been back at work for 2 weeks now and it feels like I was never off. The politics going on in the department I work in is just really frustrating. For some reason, gettting a schedule together seems to be the biggest hassle. I guess I understand that they have to make sure that there are nurses with the right skills to work all areas (nursery, labor and pediatrics) but come on. We are self-scheduling and for some reason people just don't get how it works. They basically refuse to follow guidelines and then the 2 people in charge of making sure the schedule "works" go in and change things, and usaully the changes affect the people who follow the rules instead of those who don't. We have also had mandatory call since last May. Of course while I was off on maternity leave, they had voluntary call, but now it's back to mandatory. And what I don't get is when I was off, there were 2 other nurses off on leave and all 3 of us are back for the new schedule so I don't get it. We are short staffed, especially on nights and we need a second full-time charge nurse, but there aren't any job postings for the holes. So they seem to want to piss off the staff they have by requiring call, would rather pay time and a half than find more nurses. And heaven forbid some of the recent hires have to work a Friday night, weekend or holiday. I obviously don't care since I work a weekend position, but part of the deal is working weekends and Fridays otherwise. Nurses like me have cut down the number of weekends they have to work from every other to one every 4 weeks. Yeah it sucks to have to work holidays but you know this when you work in a hospital because babies don't just take holidays off. The way new people are oriented is horrendous and I follow most of the new people because they work 3-11. Some of the things they do are scary. One nurse told me in report that she put in 50mcg of cytotec. Our policy is NEVER more than 25mcg every 4 hours. Apparently she never consulted the policy and has actually put the full 100mcg tab in on cytotec inductions!!! All based on her assessment. Luckily, those women were okay, but damn. Another nurse had a bag of pitocin in her hand and when I asked her what she was doing, she said "I'm thinking about starting some pit because her contractions have spaced out" My response? "Did the doc order it?" To which I got "No, I haven't called him yet." So again, I had another conversation about how we have to have an order for that. Don't get me wrong, we do have some wonderful, skilled nurses working and these two examples really are examples of how our orientation program is not working. And how because we are short-staffed they rush people through, they aren't getting the guidance they need, and 3-11 has a severe lack of experienced labor nurses. Ugh. There are so many things that make me want to scream, like not having a working dopplar for the tub (nice to find out after the woman's in the tub), not having a labor bed in a labor room (convenient) and severe lack of communication all around. Our charting system is an extreme pain in the ass and you have to move through 5 pages just to chart a set of vitals. And I'm not kidding. Oh, and we now have extra post-partum rooms so we no longer have to double patients up in our 4 double rooms (thank God) but they have a shared shower for those extra 5 rooms! Maybe someone will come in and wave a magic wand and at the very least get things back to how they were a few years ago.

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May said...

Wow, I'm sorry your department is such a mess these days. From what I hear, these sorts of problems aren't localized to your area, either. I was grateful to know people among the L&D staff at my hospital who could make sure I got nurses who knew what they were doing. (Whew!)