March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Nothing exciting happened here, thankfully. This past weekend with my inlaws around was surprisingly okay. Only complaint was the Easter baskets they gave the kids. They have always favored Jacob a bit, and they had gotten him a huge water gun and a motorcycle, and all I saw for Clara was a small water gun. She ended up playing with the dancing chicken they got Isaiah. She didn't seem to care, so I can't complain.

Work wasn't too bad. It was busy, but manageable. This a.m. at the end of my shift, a patient walked up and I recognized her friend. She apparently recognized me because she said "You helped deliver Sienna!!" So I tried to place her. I knew I had taken care of her, but couldn't remember details. I get her friend in the bathroom to change into a gown, and she shows me picture of her daughter that I helped deliver. She then told me "I hated you when I was delivering without an epidural for the second time, but you were exactly what I needed. I was just telling my mom I wish I could find that nurse and tell her how great she was." She said I grabbed her face and told her to focus, and that she could do it. Now, I have no problem telling someone they need to calm down and focus, but I'm not the type to grab someone's face. The whole drive home I tried to remember her delivery, because I remembered her. I finally remembered a bit ago. She was one of those who went from 2-3 cm to crowning in a matter of minutes. She had wanted an epidural, but it wasn't to be. Nor was having the physician deliver the baby. So when she said I helped deliver her daughter, she really meant it. It made me feel like I'm doing my job when a patient thinks about me 14 months later and wants to thank me for helping her birth her baby. I don't expect it, but its nice.

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