March 3, 2008

A good weekend

I'm still pretty shocked about my old college friend. I've had to really evaluate my values and whatnot lately. Like do I keep talking to her or not? Do I tell her I know about what happened?I'll figure something out, I guess.
It still seems pretty weird. I had a pretty busy work weekend. I got to take care of a couple who had come in the Wednesday before for an induction at 41.2 weeks. She happened to have 1 of 2 docs in town who will fail an induction and not set them up for a c-section if they don't change their cervix. So she went home, and was induced again Saturday a.m. This time it worked. It was their first baby and they were a super nice couple. Once she started to go, she really went pretty quick. After 45 minutes of pushing, they had their baby. Just a really nice delivery. I also had a patient come in and get sent home early on in the shift because she didn't change her cervix, but she had the "look" of a labor patient. I told her I'd probably see her again in a few hours. She did come back about 1 a.m., but hadn't changed. 4 hours later, she also changed her cervix and delivered pretty quickly. I felt like I was able to give these women the support they needed. One of the dads was a big tough guy and he wasn't able to hold back the tears when he saw his daughter. It was priceless. This a.m., I had a Indian woman come in after her water broke. She was a repeat c-section. As I was getting her IV started, I just touched her arm where I planned to put the IV and she moaned like I had poked her. I told her it was just my finger. So the whole IV placement was a pain and the spinal was a nightmare. I actually have broken skin on my pinkie and middle fingers from her squeezing my hand so tight my wedding rings dug into my skin! But, she was a sweet patient and I really bonded with her. Her husband couldn't be in the delivery because they had just moved here, didn't know anyone, and they had a 20 month old daughter. All in all, this was a pretty good weekend. It's nice to feel like you helped patients through delivery instead of just doing tasks because you have too many patients.

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