March 26, 2008

Perks of being a mom

1. I get "webbed" on a regular basis. Jacob is into Spiderman, and he will come around the corner, make the hand gesture and pretend like he's shooting spider webs at me.

2. I get my hair done for free. Clara will occasionally decide to brush my hair and put barrettes in. She doesn't really do effective brushing, and the barrettes usually are half-way down my head, but she thinks it looks pretty.

3. There is usally a road in my living room. They will set up train tracks and drive their cars on them. And they'll have towers built around the road. They'll want me to "play toys", but usually I dont play right, so they just let me watch. They'll also decide which car I can play with, and then they'll instruct me on how to do it.

4. I also have in-house catering. They will bake me a cake about everyday. I first must be covered up with every blanket available, then they'll bring me my cake, either make believe or made of legos, and they'll pour me a glass of pop.

5. I now enjoy naps a whole lot more. And not just for the obvious reason of getting sleep. I have managed to get all 3 kids to nap about the same time most days. I've given up trying to lay Isaiah down in his crib to sleep during the day because it won't happen. So I lay down with him in the crook of my arm, and that way we're all able to get a good 1-2 hour nap. It's not quite the best rejuvenating, deep sleep, but nothing beats waking up to a sleeping baby nestled up next to you with their little hand holding the collar of your shirt.

6. Nothing beats the aromatherapy of a load of laundry in the dryer that was washed with Dreft. Except maybe the smell of a baby's hair/head after a bath.