March 14, 2008

Comic relief

So husband and I had a chat about the whole issue of his lack of help and his attitude about me working nightshift. I think we got things resolved, and he said he'd pitch in and help more. And he doesn't hate that I work nights all that much. But, he's a man, and apparently there are a lot of men out there that complain about having to do housework, but like my sister says, "Just because you have a penis doesn't mean you can't take care of a baby or clean house". We'll see how it goes this weekend. We are also going out to the local comedy club tonight. He called a radio station and won the tickets this week and my mom is coming up tonight to watch the kids. It's a much needed break for the two of us because we rarely get to go out together anymore. We never went out all that much before we had kids, but now it's been like 1 or 2 times a year. So we deserve this.

I'm the one who writes the bills and manages our money. I've always done just fine and never had a problem with a discrepency in what my checkbook said we had and what the bank said we had. Last fall, I started having issues with this. I have a couple things taken out of the account automatically each month, our life insurance, a credit card payment and my gym fee. I noticed a couple times that the credit card payment seemed to have come out twice in a month, but I figured I was just going nuts and didn't really look into it. Until yesterday. I noticed that a payment of 4 times the amount was taken out. I was highly ticked off! So I called them and they said it was a phone payment, to which I said I never talked with anyone and NEVER authorized that payment. They acknowledged that a double payment was made last month, but the dude couldn't explain why. They refunded the money back to my account, and I cancelled all automatic withdrawls for the monthly payment, but WTF? I filed a complaint with the better business bureau, and I found several sites where people have complained about this company doing the exact same thing, taking more than one payment out a month unauthorized, taking more than the amount they are supposed to, etc.

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