August 24, 2008

A little R & R, and we're off to kindergarten!

This weekend, I actually didn't have to work. Working the weekend option, you get 2 weekends off a year, and last year I used them for the last 2 weekends left in December after I delivered, so this is the first weekend off since, oh, last April (not counting maternity leave) and the first vacation since June 2006. I was due. I was half-way afraid that I'd get a call from work, saying I was supposed to be there because it seemed so odd to be off work on a Saturday, but that didn't happen. The kids and I made the 4 hour trek up to visit my sister. Despite misbehavior, it was a lot of fun. Isaiah just doesn't seem to like to sleep in the pack-n-play. The first night, he was up every 1.5 hours, fussing, wanting to nurse. So I was tired. The next night, I fell asleep on the couch, sitting straight up. My sister couldn't get me up I was so deep in sleep. I did open my eyes and she told me I should go to bed, I agreed, but I guess I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, wondering why I was sleeping on the couch. Anyway, we took the kids to a children's museum, took them to the beach off Lake Michigan, and played at the park. They've never been to a beach, let alone see such a huge body of water. It was a perfect day weather wise and there were tons of boats out on the lake. They really enjoyed the sand and the water. And it feels like a good end to the summer, since Jacob starts kindergarten tomorrow. Husband and I are both off work tomorrow so we're going to take Jacob to the sitters to catch the bus (it's easier that way) and then we're going to follow the bus to the school and walk him in to his class, like they suggested this first wee. The whole bus in a small town thing is confusing to me. Jacob will be a sitter's 2 mornings a week, always Mondays, but I don't have a set day during the week that I work. So it would be too difficult to try and tell the bus driver where he'll be in the mornings. And if I want to take him to school myself when I'm off, I have to call the school and let the bus driver know. Really, it's just easier to take him to the sitters house to catch the bus. I'll admit that I'm a little nervous and feel a bit unprepared to have a kid in school. I don't know the routine, and I'm afraid we'll forget something, or get him to school late, or who knows? We kinda expected that at registration or the kindergarten preview that they would explain things like when school starts, or what bus he'll ride. They didn't. We had to ask. And when we walked into the school at preview, we asked where to go. A couple people said, "to their classrooms". We didn't know where they were. So guess what they said? "Go to the gym". Um, don't know where that is either. I know after a couple days, we'll learn the ins and outs, but it's a bit scary. I didn't expect that. I expected the whole teary "my baby is growing up" but not the worrying that we don't screw something up. It's weird. I'm sure it will be fine. He's super excited about riding the bus, going to school and making new friends. And that's enough for me.


AwkwardMoments said...

Sounds like you had fun but the school thung sounds daunting

Misty said...

Sounds fun!! How was the first day? I hope all went well!

Jennifer (Niffer) said...

My biggest is off to Kindergarten on Monday...OMGosh! It sounds like you did a great job! I'm totally jealous of your full day kindergarten's starting to gain popularity around here... but not fast enough. Hope he has a great year!