August 13, 2008

Work and kid updates

Last Thursday after my phone call I took, it got to be incredibly busy. On busy nights, I always said to myself "at least it's not as busy as a busy day in critical care". I'd just remember running from room to room, always behind, when I worked critical care. But, last Thursday, I couldn't say that. I can honestly say I've never been busier. We were short-staffed due to a call-in, no one would come in and there were only 3 labor nurses. By morning, we had transferred a 32 week ruptured patient to a hospital with a NICU, admitted and discharged a few outpatient questionable labors, had several active labor patients come in, another active labor come in who was a repeat c-section, and we had a 19 week ruptured twin mom deliver the second twin, and an elective induction that her doc said to go ahead and bring in. Never mind we don't have any labor rooms open (we have 7 labor rooms and 4 outpatient chairs for). Most of this happened between 4:30 and 6:00. By that time, I ended up with the repeat c-section mom (who was from India and spoke just a little english), had my two active labors who were 9 cm/ and 6 cm, and also my antepartum watch over night for increased blood pressure patient. Thank God for the dayshift.

Yesterday, I registered Jacob for kindergarten. I still can't believe in a week and a half, he'll be getting on the bus to go to school. I'm sure I'll be a little teary that first day or two, but I'm also excited. He seems to be excited to go to his new school, and husband and I are planning to be involved in some way in the school. I never thought husband would want to be involved with like the parents organization, but he's actually pretty excited to get involved. It was weird walking into a grade school, because even though I didn't go to this grade school, it still had that smell and feeling that took me back to when I was in grade school. Clara is being ornery as ever. She's been potty trained during the day for awhile now, but we're still struggling with nighttime. I know kids have a hard time at night sometimes, but it's still frustrating. Last night, she put her pull-up on, but apparently decided in the middle of the night to take it off, so of course she peed in her bed. I had just washed her bedding yesterday for the same thing. And I hate washing bedding. Oh well. Eventually she'll get it. She's still pretty into her babies, and has to put them to bed before she'll go to bed at night. It's pretty cute to watch her cover them up, and pat them to sleep. Isaiah has been a bit trying lately. I swear this kid hates to sleep. He doesn't take naps very well, and nighttime sleep is sporadic. The last two nights have been rough. He'll go to sleep, but wake up super early and not go back to sleep. Last night, he was up at 2:00a.m., nursed for quite awhile, and kicked and squirmed and finally at 5:15 or so, I got frustrated with being his pacifier, took him downstairs, put him in the swing, hoping that would work. After 30 minutes of crying, he did go back to sleep for a little bit. He just wants to suckle on and off all night. We've tried a multitude of things, but to no avail. If I thought it would actually work, I'd wean him so he'd sleep more. And that's a HUGE thing for me to say, considering I'm a self-proclaimed breastfeeding nazi. I think he's just going to be one of those kids who doesn't sleep well until he's 2 or 3. He had been sleeping better for awhile, so maybe he's about to finally get teeth, or it's just a phase.


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