August 1, 2008

Boring Ramblings

Good news, good news! I don't have to stay awake for 2 days. Funny enough, it's my in-laws that decided to go ahead and come down and watch the kids. I had been pumping myself up for the task of functioning on little to no sleep, and thank God, I don't have to now. Sleep seems to always be on my brain these days. I think it started back when I went from day shift to night shift. Sure, there were days I was beat because I just didn't get enough sleep at night, but I knew I'd get to return to my bed the next night. After working nights, I don't always get to go to bed after a long night. Then I've had 2 children since working nights, so I'm even more focused on sleep. Last night I got a decent nights sleep. If Isaiah hadn't decided it was time to party at 5:00 a.m., I couldn't have slept until 8a.m. Jacob is almost always up by 6:30 but today he sleep until 8am. We went to the water park again, and I think that's what's working. Both mornings after playing at the water park, the kids both slept later, except Isaiah of course.
Isaiah has officially started crawling up on all fours. He's been mobile since June, doing the army crawl, but he just couldn't get going up on his knees. He figured it out Sunday. Now there's no stopping him. So the gates are up and I'm going to do some shopping around for a couple sturdy, long gates. We mounted gates at the other house we lived in, but we have nice woodwork here and we don't want to tear it up. The regular pressure mounted gates don't last as long as we'd like, so we're going to put a little bit more money into something that will hopefully last until we don't need them anymore. And one that has a small gate in it that will swing open so we don't have to constantly step over it. Plus, Jacob and Clara need to be able to get around. So we'll see what's out there.

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Jennifer (Niffer) said...

So glad a sitter came through! Have a great weekend!