August 7, 2008

When it rains, it pours

Tonight, husband was giving the kids a bath and I was getting clothes together for the weekend. We are going to visit his family tomorrow night and coming back Saturday afternoon. As I was fulfilling my need to be organized and feeling pretty good, I heard the shower going and my husband going "shit, shit, shit,..". Curious, I walked into the bathroom and quickly realized that the sound I was hearing wasn't the shower - there was water shooting everywhere from under the sink. Shit. What had happened was the hot water valve came loose and shot everywhere before he got the water turned off. I went downstairs and there was water dripping onto my living room floor from the ceiling fan, which is right underneath the upstairs bathroom. I watched as huge water marks spread across that part of the ceiling and watched water drip from the ceiling, onto the fan, and drip onto the floor. I of course freaked out, called my dad for advice, and wanted husband to call a plumber for advice. The dripping continued for quite awhile, we turned off the water main, and finally, the water stopped. Probably it was just the water from where the valve broke, but I was so afraid it was something more serious, like a cracked water pipe in the second floor ceiling. So, water is turned back on, we don't have hot water in the upstairs bathroom sink, but thankfully, no water is dripping. I think we're good, and I think it's a cheap, easy fix. Hard to believe, a plumbing problem that is cheap AND we can do. Maybe next time it'll be a major problem. Makes me glad we decided to buy a house built in the late 1800's. Good times, good times.

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