August 22, 2008


Number of times I have to tell the kids to lay down before they actually go to sleep: 4

Loads of laundry in 1 week: 7

Loads of dishes each day: 2

Bags of chicken nuggets used each week: 1

Gallons of milk each week: 5

Number of times Isaiah nurses: 6

Bags of trash (we're bad): 5-6 per week

Dirty diapers in 1 day: 8

Of those said diapers, ones full of poop: 3

Number of outfit changes due to diaper overfloweth each day: 1

Times each day I use the vaccuum: 2

Times I sweep my floors, trying to get every single piece of stuff Isaiah could put in his mouth: 2

Times I pull something out of Isaiah's mouth that he found, despite my attempt to prevent it: 2

Number of times Clara refuses to sit on the potty before nap/bed each week: 7

Number of times Clara wets the bed in a week: 3

Number of times Clara's sheets get washed: 4. Never fails, after clean sheets are put on, she pees.

Meals refused each day: 4. At least 1 meal by Jacob, usually all 3 by Clara

Number of times work calls looking for extra help: 1 every 2 weeks

Baths given each week: 20-24, depending on diaper blowouts and spit-ups

Times I try to take a relaxing bath each week: 3

Times I successfully take an uninterrupted bath: 0

Tantrums each day: 10 from Clara, 8 from Jacob

Number of times I hear "She hit me" or "He took my toy" etc. : 1 time per hour

Usual number of minutes between arguments between Jacob and Clara: 20

Usual time I get to bed: 11pm

Usual wake up time: 5:30 a.m.

Number of hugs and kisses received: numerous

Number of times each day I realize I wouldn't change anything: every single minute


Misty said...

Awwwwww, very well put and it so reminds me of my life. Except for the sibling arguing...we haven't got there yet! Have you ever added how many hours you have spent nursing? My near-five month old nurses constantly & I swear, it seems like my boobs have seen more action than they have in years!

Mrs. Spit said...

Thanks for that nursey. It's a joy to see parents talk about the challenges and the joys of being a parent. I struggle a bit when they only complain, and you are always so thankful for your wee ones, and it makes me smile.

Your children are so loved and have such a great mum.

joshnmaddiesmum said...

This really puts things into perspective. I only have two kids -and only one is in diapers now (thank god), so not as much work - but still busy. I love reading your blog.

AwkwardMoments said...

Fun post!