August 3, 2007

What a pain!

So this pregnancy I've had a new experience: migraines. I have never really had headaches. Yeah, I'd get an occasional one here or there, and back in college after having one too many, but never anything too bad. This past month, I started having auras. I didn't realize at first that was what they were. The first one didn't preceed a headache. I just had a very small spot in the center of my vision where it was like I had looked at a bright light, but with zigzag lines. The second one happened the same way, but I woke up with a headache, but not too bad. The next day it happened again, but I got the full blown horrible headache, complete with nausea and spent 3 hours in bed. Just last night, I had the visual changes again, followed by a mild headache. Today I had an appt with my OB and told her about it. Apparently, when people have migraines before pregnancy, they usually don't have, or have fewer while they're pregnant, but its not unusual to have your first during pregnancy and not have any afterwards. Arent I lucky? I guess especially at the gestation I'm at, all the hormonal changes can cause it. But if they continue l'll have to see a neurologist because of the visual changes. I know thats how it goes, but it sucks. They have to make certain that it is migraines, but I really don't want to pay for an expensive test (MRI or CAT scan). And they probably won't do anything until after I've delivered anyway. I shouldn't complain because this is pretty minor compared to other things and I've only had one really bad headache. But it would have been nice if I was going to have this during 1 of my 3 pregnancies, that it could have happened when I was pregnant the first time, with no preschoolers to chase after.
I decided this week to start reading the Harry Potter books. Yeah, yeah, I'm behind most of the rest of the world. But I have this problem with patience. It would have driven me mad to have to wait months until the next book came out. I'm almost done with the 2nd book and I'll have to wait probably a day or two to get the 3rd and it will drive me nuts! They are very good so far. My goal is to have all 7 done by the time this little bean arrives, otherwise it will be quite awhile before I have time to read again!


(: Amanda :) said...

Sorry to hear about your headaches! Here's hoping that they will go away as suddenly as they appeared, and soon too.
Thanks for visting my blog and leaving me a comment!
(: Amanda :)

mitchsmom said...

I'm also sorry about the headaches.

Just thought I'd add that I got my first migraine (with aura... zig zag lines) when I was pregnant. That has been about 8 years and I get about one a year. I have figured out that if I run, don't walk, and take a pain reliever I can avert the worst of it (actually codeine, which is what my MD gave me when I was pregnant(!), has worked the best, but also just ibuprofen... Imitrex was horrible for me & haven't tried anything else).
If I get the aura and don't get to a pain reliever, I'm screwed. For like 2 days.
Just didn't know if maybe that would be any help... I know migraines can be very unique to each sufferer but they say that most people can find something to work fairly well for them if they keep trying until they find the right med (they work from different approaches).

Best wishes!