August 13, 2007

Human ping-pong ball

This weekend at work wasn't too bad, except for the fact that I couldn't seem to stay at one part of the unit. Our unit is a connected post-partum and labor unit, and all labor RN's work p.p. Last night, I started out the shift at 7pm as charge nurse, but I had to take a labor patient. Of course as charge RN, I ended up catching a baby, running up to pediatrics (also part of the unit but 2 floors up) to help with an IV on a 1 y.o., and then back to labor. At 11pm, I handed over charge to another nurse and took post-partum patients. I get them and their babies assessed, and settled and then I go back to labor for a 35 week bleeder, just in case the RN back there needs help. She doesn't. So back to post-partum. I sit down to eat, and another labor patient comes in and I get to go admit her. But I finally got to stay there. This patient and her husband were hilarious. The dad kept making very bad, dry jokes and mom just kept rolling her eyes adn telling him to shut up. They were just a nice couple who was very easy to care for and bond with.
Baby bean is growing and kicking away. It's funny how I noticed not too long ago that I wasn't feeling much movement, compared to now where I feel his little kicks pretty regular. I'm also growing quite nicely. My backside seems to be growing at the same rate as my belly. Funny how that happens sometimes. A friend of mine told me that when she was pregnant with her 2nd, her little boy who was about 2 at the time came up to her, touched her butt, and said "Hi baby". Speaking of kids asking about babies, my oldest finally understands that Mommy has a baby in her belly. He of course asked how it was going to come out. But before I could answer, he pointed to the appropriate area and said "Is it going to come out down there?" I wasn't quite sure how to respond! I guess he got it from seeing "A Baby Story" a few times. Pretty smart for a 4 year old, I say, but I'm biased. Alright, I'm starting to ramble, so off to bed I go.

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Jen, Rich & Joey said...

You're a little more than half way done with your pregnancy now. Keep up the good work.

I can totally understand about the backside growing along with the belly. I've been pretty successful in avoiding the full length mirrors in the house for sometime now. :) And that's hilarious about your friend's son patting her butt saying hi to the baby. (Kids say the darnedest things.) And about your son, already knowing where his brother is gonna come out from... That sure saved you having to explain. :) Smart Boy!