August 31, 2007

Matters of the Heart

This mornings appointment went pretty good. I had to take the kids with me, which I try my darndest not to do. I was expecting the worst, but they were actually really well behaved. It was an early appointment so the doc wasnt' running behind yet, and this appointment, really was all things I could do myself at work - listening to the baby, measuring, blood pressure and weight. So it was pretty quick. Next appointment we have another US to check the heart. They were'nt able to get a good picture of the 4 chambers last time, and especially with Clara's heart history, they want to make sure everything looks good. And of course, the heart is what I worry most about. I don't really want another surprise fetal arrythmia and heart block leading to emergency delivery (although I still would like to know if immediate delivery was really necesary. I guess is doesn't matter, because Clara's fine and that's all that matters). I'd like to be prepared. Everything else measured fine, and from what they could see of the heart, it looked fine. But again, that's what we were told with Clara and they didn't bother to recheck, thus the reason I have an new OB/GYN.

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