August 14, 2007


About 9 years ago I met my husband. My best friend and roommate, Julie was dating a guy at another college, named Mike. Mike had roommate that she tried to set me up with, but lets just say I wasn't impressed with him, plus he had a girlfriend, so I wasn't sure why she tried. Anyway, several months later, she asks if I want to go with her to visit her BF and casually mentioned that Mike's friend no longer had a girlfriend, but was going to be gone. I agreed to go since he wasnt going to be there and I didn't want her working her "magic". We arrive at Mikes and I find out that his roommie decided that he wasn't going to leave town. I, of course, was thinking, "great, now she's going to try, again, to hook me up with this dufus." To make a long story short, Mike's roomie and I actually hit it off the second time. Over the next year, Julie and I made frequent trips to visit the guys and my husband and I were married 5 years ago. Because of Mike and Julie, my husband and I found each other. We still hang out as couples and I consider both Mike and Julie my best friends. I got a call from Julie letting us know that Mike's dad passed away unexpectedly Saturday. I didn't know Mike's dad, but this is a very difficult time for the family. If you will, please say a prayer that they will receive the strength they need to deal with this loss.

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Jen, Rich & Joey said...

My condolenses & prayers go out to Mike's dad, Mike and the family during this trying time.