August 17, 2007

Bank Blues

Today I decided that I'm going to change banks. Not a decision I take lightly, as my husband and I have been banking at the same place since we both moved to the area. But, lately we've been having major problems. One is their on-line banking. I had set this up as I am the one who deals with bills, but had never been able to get into it. Finally I had enough and called customer service and wanted it fixed. They said they couldn't give me information because the account was set up in my husbands name and he has an additional accout my name isn't on. First problem with that: I set up the account. Second: my husband has never set up access. After much debate, I explained that I would not set up on-line access in my husbands name, he explained he did not do it, they verified that no one had ever accessed the account from on-line and I re-applied for online banking. And I could finally use it...for about a week. Tried to get on today, and whatdaya know? I'm locked out. Succeed in changing the password with their secret questions, but still cant logon. Called customer service. They reset the password after insulting me by asking if I had the caps lock on. Uh, no maam, I wouldn't have thought of that. Anyway, she resests it and says I'm good to go. Great! Try to log on, a no go. Call again. Again, asked by new much ruder woman asking about the caps lock. They she says it looks like she doesn't see that I even have an online account. WTF? She also says that they periodically delete online accounts that haven't been active for awhile. I try to reamin calm and explain that I had just set it up last week and had been logged on a few days ago. She then says that she'd take care of it and that I'd be able to log on by noon today. It is 3pm and I cant get in. Blame it on hormones but I've had it!!
Ok, I feel much better now. Last night hubby and I moved the computer to it's new home. Where it had been will be the little beans bedroom, so we decided to move it now so we can get the new office and the baby's room ready before his expected arrival. We have a back porched that was recently enclosed and had just been an entry door and place to put junk. I must say it looks good as an office.

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