August 1, 2007

Fair days

Today we took the kids to the county fair. And of course it was blazing hot. The avergae temperature this year was a record breaking 73 degrees for the month of July and today it was well above 90. And humid. I guess it wouldn't be fair time if it wasn't really hot. The kids actually were pretty well behaved. We got them on the rides that were appropriate for little tykes, and walked through the barns. They haven't ever seen horses, cows, etc up close. Seeing things through their eyes made it a lot of fun. We were only out for maybe 2 hours and I think I was more worn out that they were. Ah, to have their energy.
We also think we've decided on baby names. We have liked Heather for a girl so that was easy. But the boy name was more difficult. We had agreed we liked the name Isaiah, but weren't sure if we could see ourselves yelling Isaiah. But we haven't found anything we like as much so we're sticking with Isaiah. We aren't sure about middle names yet, but I figure we have some time.

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(: Amanda :) said...

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am a new student nurse who is very interested in L&D. I just found your blog and wondered if you mind if I link to you.
(: Amanda :)