July 30, 2008

Who wouldn't want to be me?

Last year when I took a weekend night shift position, I knew that some weekend, there would be a Sunday that my husband would have to work and no one would be available to watch the kids. Therefore, I would have to stay up Sunday and try to function on a nap and then go into work at 7pm Sunday night. That's after being up all day Saturday, getting a short nap Sat. afternoon, working 12 hours, then staying up all day Sunday with only a nap, working for 12 hours, driving home, then getting to sleep. That would be suicide if it ever happened. We've been lucky so far. This weekend, our luck ran out. Well, my luck, really. Husband has to work Sunday, no getting out of it, and none of our usual babysitters are available for a multitude of reasons. With the weekend option position I work, I can't just have someone work for me, plus, a Saturday night is very difficult to trade anyway. And, I really can't just call in sick. My only hope is that I can sign the "flex list", hope I'm at the top of the list and that it's slow enough I get put on call Saturday night. That kills the paycheck, but I also have to be able to function. Really, I realize I just can't stay awake that long because I can't put my patients at risk. It seems dire now and I'm completely freaking out, but I'm hoping we'll get something worked out by the weekend. I'm already running on a low tank of sleep. This could be very bad. Cross your fingers for me!


Jennifer (Niffer) said...

if you get stuck with out a sitter, get some movies for the kiddos (new ones) and then when you get home clean like there's no tomorrow! You can't fall asleep when you're vacuuming! When the baby's ready for a nap, put a new movie on for the big kids and let them eat in front of the TV! this. is. about. survival. add any incentive to sit through the whole move and they can have candy (or something they normally can't have)when the movie is done.
When the movie's over they will undoubtedly start fighting and the baby will probably wake up then too. So now go back to cleaning! Seriously! laundry isn't as effective as say, scouring the bathtub, but do what every you can. after lunch nap time for everyone! then, another movie for the big kids and try to put the baby in a play pen in the same room with you all... then fall asleep on the couch!May sound crazy, but I've tried exactly this!
Good luck!
Also if you have any teenage girls in the area the could watch the kiddos! You will be there if there's an emergency!

AwkwardMoments said...


faedrake said...

If I was in your area (and wasn't a strange person you don't know) I'd be happy to help watch your kiddos! Alas, I hope your description ends up being far worse than the reality.

The Triage Queen said...

good luck!!