July 24, 2008

Disorganized and Disorderly

Back before I had kids, I was a very organized person. In college when my roommate and I would drive an hour to visit our boyfriends (now husbands) at another college, we both would have lists of what we planned to wear, down to the shoes, socks and jewelry. I had lists of what homework, studying, events needed to get done. And I did this everyday. I lived by my planner. I was never late to meetings, never forgot to do anything. Even after college, I was like this. I continued to have lists, and my apartment/house was clean, not spotless, but clean. Bills were organized and I was never behind on anything. I felt like I had a handle on everything. Not the case anymore. Yeah, I expected to lose some of that control after the kids came along. And I felt like I was doing okay keeping track of things. Boy was I wrong. Ever since I went back to work the end of February, I've realized that I'm utterly disorganized. Twice now I thought I worked one day to find out that I had the wrong date written down. Let me tell you, that's a good way to make you feel intelligent! One was the worst case scenario where I thought I worked a Thursday, was actually scheduled for Wednesday. So I go to bed Wednesday, and show up for work Thursday. Completely missed my shift Wednesday. That was a very proud moment! My house is a disaster, I can't keep up with household chores, I've forgotten to send in a bill here and there, and just keeping track of all the appointments and work schedule has proven to be a daunting task. I need to do something to get back on top of things. I haven't had a planner for the last 2 years. The calendar isn't in a very visible spot. So I will be moving the calendar, and I'm going to buy a planner. One I'll actually use. With Jacob getting ready to start school, I need to be more organized. I can't be forgetting meetings,activities, my work schedule etc. I think the stress of 3 kids 5 and under, an old house that needs work that can't all be done at once due to finances, me wanting it done like yesterday, lack of sleep and trying to please everyone is wearing on me.


faedrake said...

Just an unsolicited suggestion, for what it's worth!

Google Calendar rocks, it can be accessed and modified via text msg including text reminders, you can have multiple calendars for different purposes listed together, supports reoccuring events like birthdays, and your calendar can be shared with specific people. We use it as our family calendar.


Of course, an electronic calendar is not right for everyone.

Molly said...

You made me laugh.

Because I too remember an era (pre-baby, of course) when I used to be on time for, like, anything. Ever. That was neat.

Now I'm even MORE reliant on lists and calendars, though, because I no longer appear capable of storing information in my brain and would forget to go to work, take out the trash, celebrate my own birthday, etc. if it weren't written down. (Maybe that has something to do with the several years of constant sleep deprivation, huh?) I am a slave to my laptop and its calendar, and the to-do list I keep on my desktop ... If I had a paper list or calendar, I'd just lose it. And when I don't have my laptop with me, I absolutely panic. Alas.

Jennifer (Niffer) said...

we have a pretty big calendar (from flylady.net) and everyone in our family has a different color highlighter... their events/appointments are highlighted in their color, it's nice to be able to look at the calendar from across the room and know that my daughter has "something" tomorrow. check out http://orgjunkie.com/2008/02/create-a-command-center-and-get-your-paper-piles-off-the-counter.html to create a "command center" for organizing your bills/ appointments/ everything! works for me! Good luck!