July 14, 2008

A Weekend from Hell

This weekend kinda sucked the big one. Saturday, I started feeling a bit queasy after an afternoon nap. Nothing too bad, just enough to annoy you and make you lose your appetite. It reminded me of that constant nausea of early pregnancy, and no, I'm not pregnant. So I took a zofran, left over from when I was pregnant and went to work. About 9:30pm, I started feeling worse. At about 10pm, while I was standing in a patient room taking her vitals, I realized that if I stood up much more, I was going to vomit. So I darted out, made it to the bathroom and did so vomit. I hoped maybe it would go away, but no. I left work, barely made it home in the upright position without vomiting. I made a beeline to the bathroom and got there just in time. I proceeded to heave until about 4a.m. It was the worst case of dry heaving/vomiting I've ever had. There were times it wouldn't stop and I needed to breathe but my body wouldn't let me. I even have ruptured blood vessels in my eyes from all the pressure. Too much info, I know. But by yesterday evening, I decided I could work. I didn't go in until 11p.m. When I got there and started changing into my scrubs, I realized that in my haste leaving the night before, I had worn my work shoes home and hadn't brought them back. I wore sandals in both nights. And forgot my socks. Not appropriate. Luckily a couple co-workers bailed me out with shoes and socks. Good thing because I ended up in the c/s room with a patient I'd taken care of last weekend. I was dog tired this a.m., but had to take Jacob for his kindergarten physical. At 9:20 a.m. We weren't seen until 10:15. Jacob is doing okay weight-wise, but is a little short, so we have to take him back in 6 months. Kinda surprised because husband and I are tall. At the end to the appointment, he received two vaccines, and he did really well; he didn't even cry! Then she listens to his heart/lungs, and she listens longer than normal to his heart. Because I work with her, I know somethings up. She heard a murmur. He's scheduled for an echo next Tuesday. She reassured me that its probably benign, but feels we should check it out because she didn't hear it before. I wouldn't be quite so surprised if it had been Clara because she's the one who was delivered early for heart problems. Jacob has always been fine. Nothing can prepare you for hearing something might be wrong with your child, even though right now I don't really know if there is something wrong or not. Just the chance there could be is scary. So now 2 out of our 3 kids will have seen a cardiologist. I know, it could be worse, but it still sucks. So even though I should be in bed considering how tired I was, I'm not. I'm too keyed up with worry about something I have no control over. And I have a whole week to worry about it, and then another week more waiting for the results. I just pray it really is nothing.

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