September 26, 2007

Monday madness

I was reading over some of my old posts, and man, do I need to start proofreading! Anyway, this week is going to be a long week. I work my usual weekend 12 hour shifts plus my 8 hour shift this past Monday. I had also signed up for mandatory call (which I loathe) for 4 hours before my shfit Monday night and was of course called in. And they called and asked if I could come earlier than 7p, so I got there at 6p for a fun 13 hour shift. I worked until 11pm as laobr nurse, doing clean-up (discharging patients, finishing jobs the evening girls couldn't get done, NSTs, etc). Then I worked post-partum from 11p-3a and had pretty busy patients. Then I had to be charge nurse from 3a-7p. Oh, and the 3-11 charge nurse called the night charge nurse in at 7pm and said she'd could leave at 3am, but didn't bother to find me anyone else to come in. So, at 3a.m, I was charge nurse, had a full load of busy patients and at 5a.m, had to go back to labor and admit the morning c/s patient, all while doing staffing for day shift, and doing the computer crap they make us do when we are charge. At 6:30, we had 3 patients come up from ER, one was a 28 week triplet mom contracting every 2-3 minutes. Thank goodness dayshift was there, but I imagine they had one hell of a day with everything that was scheduled and was going on. I didn't clock out until 7:45a.m. Towards the end of the night, after I had been running around, extremely busy all night, some people I work with started giving me crap for working too much since I delivered my first two kids at 36 and 37 weeks. (Which, isn't that early and I didn't labor with my 36 week delivery.) It ticked me off because they were the one's who asked me to do it, and where were they when I was busy? I asked for help with getting some things done, to which the answer was "I'm too busy". Plus, if I thought that I was starting to contract, etc., I would obviously stop. And what makes this even better is that I agreed last week to work for another girl on Thursday, forgetting about my extra call I took Monday. So, I'll be in overtime and hospitals love that. When I woke up this a.m., there was a message from work, asking me to come in because it was going to hell again. They only had 2 labor nurses working and had all 7 labor rooms full. I wondered why they didn't call earlier in the evening and try to get someone on call. Who knows. Friday a.m. I have my yearly evaluation with the director. When she first came a little over a year ago, she said that she would never know the night shift staff because she doesnt do well overnight. Nice. I feel it's the director's job to know at least the names of her staff. And I've heard that if she doesn't know you at your eval, she actually says "I don't know you, so all I have to go by is your peer evals". So I'm sure this evaluation will be even more of a waste of time than every other eval I've ever had. Oh well, I'll at least get my yearly raise, such as it is.

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