September 13, 2007


Yesterday was one of those beautiful fall days I've been waiting for. Sun was shining, a slight breeze, and temperatures comfortable for either long or short sleeves during the day and light jacket temps in the evening. Farmers were harvesting and it smelled like fall outside. I realized a couple years ago that fall is my favorite season. I love the mild temps., the fall scents of candles and spices, and all the fall activities. With kids, its been more fun at the apple orchards, pumpkin patches and hayrack rides. I guess it lets me feel like a kid again taking them to all these places and watching them, not that I ever needed an excuse to act like a kid!

My darling, graceful daughter probably broke another bone yesterday. I had just finished giving the kids a bath and had them dressed when I had an urge to vomit from all the acid reflux I was having. So I shooed them out of the bathroom and did the deed. I really wasn't in there very long and I heard her scream. I assumed they were fussing over a toy again, but when I opened the door, she had blood on her cheek and coming out of her nose. Apparently she was running with pillow over her face and tripped over something and fell flat on her face. Her poor little nose was swollen, started to bruise and of course was bleeding a little, which scared her more than anything. I don't know for sure but my guess is that she may have broken her nose. It doesn't look too bad this morning. I assumed she'd get black eyes under both eyes, but her nose really just looks swollen and not too bruised. Doesn't seem to be giving her much trouble or pain either. This is her second broken bone (if it is indeed broken). When she was about 19 months, she fell and had a minor fracture in her arm. She had a cast for 3 weeks, "to give her support", although she used it as a weapon against her brother. I don't want any of my kids to break anything, but I expected to have that with my son and not my daughter! Lord, give me the strength when they get into grade school and if they decide to play sports!

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