September 7, 2007

Finally, a good delivery

The other night at work, I finally had a good vag delivery. It's been quite awhile, since it seems that either my patients never deliver for me, and I've had to be charge nurse quite a bit lately. I was charge the other night, but this mom came in, 3rd baby in "really active labor". You know a woman is about to deliver when she comes by in the wheelchair, sitting sideways. She was completely dilated and ready to push. She was a bit upset because she desperately wanted an epidural, and she had presented ready to delivery with her second baby. Only that time, she said she never made it to the bed. Her labor started at midnight, she came into the hospital at 12:55 and delivered at 1:15! Her actual labor nurse encouraged her not to push, but to do what she needed to do and the patient didn't push until she saw the doctor and within 2 pushes, she was holding her son. I was doing 'baby care', so mom got to hold the baby until she was ready to find out how much he weighed. We usually have a nurse from nursery do baby care and they want to whisk the baby away and do their thing, but when a labor nurse does it, we tend to let mom spend time with her baby, unless of course there is a problem. But this little guy was fine. I figure if they're screaming, their heartrate is fine and they'll pink up in a minute or two. I depserately needed a nice delivery as I've been a bit frustrated and stressed with all the BS going on at work.

Yesterday, the kids had a check-up with the doc. Usually the office lets me know if they are due for shots ahead of time. Husband took them and Jacob was due for 3 and they also wanted to check for lead since we live in an old house. I guess they gave Jacob his 3 shots first, then wanted to draw the blood. It took 3 nurses and my husband to hold him. He was just done with being stuck. They should have drawn the blood first, then given the shots because that doesnt have to be as precise as a blood draw. After they finally got the blood, they looked around for Clara and found her hiding behind the curtain, with a tissue over her face, whimpering. When I heard this I cried. I guess she was just scared for her brother. As much as they fight and argue, it seems they really do love each other.

I also did too much around the house yesterday I think. I went crazy mad cleaning, put together a dresser for Clara and around 10pm, I noticed I was pretty crampy. Then it turned into noticeable contractions every 5 minutes or so. I thought, "great, just what I need". They did go away after I laid down and drank a bunch of water and then followed a rememdy one of the docs told me about. I'm sure I just over exerted myself, but that worries me some, considering I work 12 hours shifts and there have been some nights where you barely have time to sit down. Maybe this was just an isolated incident. We'll see.

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