September 28, 2007


Funny story. Ok, for background, I switched OB/GYN last year. It started when my health insurance dropped the practice I went to. I could have changed my insurance and stayed with my MD (Dr. T), but I would have had to switch my kids doctor and I didn't want to do that. So, I asked myself "who would I chose if I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know". Plus I wanted someone who would let me VBAC, and Dr. W and Dr. T both probably wouldn't let me, or rather, would discourage me strongly. So I changed to Dr. D, who has no problem letting me VBAC. The MD who actually delivered Clara is Dr. W, who has I swear a photographic memory. I've been wondering if she remembers that she delivered me last time or not. This a.m., I was in street clothes, waiting to have my yearly evaluation. She came over and asked me "So am I going to get to deliver this baby too?" I wasn't quite prepared, but I said "Well, I have this insurance and had to switch doctors, which sucks for my last baby", yada yada. I could feel my face flush, knowing I was sorta lying. She said "that's too bad, Dr. T won't get to deliver either". I feel a little guilty, I shouldn't, but I do. Dr. W is a good physician, but she's wants way too much control over delivery times. Dr. T, after seeing her in action, I'm thankful she didn't deliver either of my kids. It was a bit of an uncomfortable conversation. Oh well. I said to Dr. W "Well, maybe I'll go into labor on a weekend or at night and you'll be on call". She just loves weekends and nighttime deliveries. I was anticipating some type of conversation about my pregnancy and delivery, but I never thought she would ask me outright.

My evaluation wsa just great. The director said she doesnt hear much about me, but what she does hear is all glowing reports of what a great nurse I am, etc. I started thinking "Maybe I'll get more than the lousy percentage that everyone gets". Nope. Standard percentage slap in the face. At least its a raise. And this morning we got our "success sharing "check from the hospital, and I was quite surprised to see how large it was. I'll be able to put that to good use.


AtYourCervix said...


Success sharing check? Do tell.....what is it exactly? (No, I'm not asking you to divulge how much)

Nurse Lochia said...

The hospital evaluates their profit and if they had one for that fiscal year, they share it with their employees. Depending on what category employee you are (how many hours you work) determines what amount you get. It is a nice surprise to get. It's nothing huge like $1000 or anything, but its a nice little bonus.