June 16, 2007

Mother Nature was in control last night

Last night was actually a pretty busy night and I had a great delivery. Well, I didn't deliver, but , anyway, you get it. I'm working mother-baby and get pulled out of a room and my co-worker said, they need help in L&D because they just got a patient up. I was thrilled because I prefer L&D over mother-baby. It's the adrenaline, I think. Anyway, she then tells me the MD broke her bag of water without a nurse in the room or an IV, and that the nurse back there will take over once her patient delivers. So, I go back, thinking I'm just going to admit this patient. I walk in the room, the MD is still there and I notice that I won't be just admitting the patient, but doing her delivery, now. I turned the monitor on for the time. Never checked the baby's heartrate, no IV and she delivered. 3 MINUTES after I came in the room! I think most every labor nurse loves these deliveries. Not because they're quick and easy for a nurse, but because it's more like mother nature intended, without all the unnecessary interventions, monitores, etc. There is a place for the interventions, but a nice normal labor doesn't really need that. The baby did great, and the mom felt wonderful and was proud of herself that she did it without any pain meds. The other nurse that was working L&D who was in a delivery herself, her patient was a repeat c-section, on the schedule for next week, never delivered vaginally before and she came in at 8cm and delivered Vaginally 6 minutes before my delivery. It's amazing what the woman's body can do when given the chance. (Again, there is a place for c-sections, inductions, forceps, etc. and thank God for that)

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Jen, Rich & Joey said...

Wow! Mother Nature IS amazing and sometimes has "her" own plans.