June 21, 2007

Oh, what a night...

Last night was yet another busy night at work. I had to be charge nurse and I just LOVE doing that. It's rather difficult to take care of patients and try to maintain some sort of order when we're short-staffed and patients keep rolling in. It happens every time I'm charge. Usually I'm counted as not only charge RN, but as a labor RN too. Anyway, we all got through it, the patients were all doing well when we left, despite the fact every labor nurse had 3 active labors plus a few out-patients, and the mom-baby nurses had 7 dyads a piece, including myself (charge RN's typically don't take patietnts), and the peds nurses were maxed out as well. Hopefully the moms didn't realize how busy we were.
Had my sono yesterday. I actually found out exactly what they are trying to get certified in. There is a test called nuchal translucency where they measure the thickness of the nuchal fold. It's done at about 12 weeks and it's looking for the risk of Down's Syndrome and other heart defects. If it's thick, it means the baby's more at risk. THe sono tech said 3.5 or above they would consider at risk. The little bean measured 2.5 which she said is a negative measurement. He/she was all over the place and didnt' want to cooperate. It's amazing that they can move around so much and you not be able to feel it.
I've also been waiting for the "feeling" of boy or girl that I got with the other two. I knew they were boy and girl before the sonos. I havent had as strong of a gut feeling, but I'm thinking boy. All the old myths say girl, and my co-workers think girl, but I just kinda feel its a boy. We'll have to see. Hubby doesnt think we'll be able to wait until the birth, but I think I can. Since we decided not to find out the sex this time, I don't have that overwhelming desire to know. But, who knows. We may be at that 20 week sono and cave when they ask if we want to know sex.

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