June 5, 2007

This past weekend at work was really, really slow. It was one of those nights where I was able to start and finish a book in one night. And it has about 400 pages. We all realize that we should appreciate those kind of nights to make up for the nights when patient after patient comes through the door. But it makes for a LONG night. I had one of those labor patients that labor nurses love. She was reasonable, asked good questions and wanted any and all information I could give her. She was 6 weeks early and had delivered her last one that early too. A lot of times, when patients have had a preterm birth before theyre either scared to death, or they think the baby will be just fine, no problems. She was in between. Anyway, I took care of her the next two nights after she delivered and boy did she change. Gone was the perfect patient, and in her place was a woman who could care less about what we had to say and teach her about her premature son. It was quite a transformation.
On the pregnancy side, I'm still pretty nauseated. Some days I feel fine, but other days not so much. Hopefully that means that the little bean is developing like it should.

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