June 25, 2007

My post-weekend mind wanderings

Yet another busy night in L&D. It was one of those nights where people came in, not really sure if they were in labor or not, then all of the sudden, all of them become active at once. I also think that this pregnancy and the hormones are making me stupid. Here's my point. I admitted 2 patients within 1 hour of each other for the same MD. I sent urine specimens on both. On patient #2, her urine looked pretty nasty and I was sure she had a bladder infection. Well, I got the results was much surprised that it was clean and called the MD. 30 minutes later, I'm putting my charts in order and notice that the urine results I had given the MD on patient #2 actually was the results of the 1st patient I admitted. And patient #2 had an infection. Luckily, he was coming in for a delivery, so I didn't have to call him back. And he was nice and even laughed about it. A couple of the other docs wouldn't have found it too funny. I was so incredibly embarrassed, but what can you do? Anyway, after a long, busy 12 hours, one of the anesthesiologist thanked me for taking care of his wife (who's a pediatrician) when she had their baby back in May. Said they aprreciated that I treated them like normal parents, thought I was excellent and was professional. Its funny how great that felt to hear that I was appreciated. We don't hear much about not patients who thought they got good care. So many times all we hear is how bad their nurses were, how we didn't do this or that, etc. Yes, there are bad nurses out there, but most of the time it's just because we are working short-staffed, and have multiple patients needing things and we have to prioritize what call light we answer first. It also makes for better stories to talk about how bad the hospital stay and nurses were too. ;) Anyway, I don't know how many people actually read my musings here, but just know that 95% of nurses want and try our hardest to provide good care and we do it to the best of our abilities. We go 12 hours without eating, peeing or sitting down to try to provide good care.
The last few days my belly just popped out. I felt like I've looked pregnant for the last week or 2 but now I definately do. And I'm only 13 weeks!! I'm not so big I can't wear my normal jeans, but the ruber band I've been using to hold the buttons together is stretching a bit more. My chest is also bigger I noticed which is nice since I wasn't given much up top.
The kids were a little high maintenance this weekend. It stormed pretty much all week, so we were cooped up inside and I think that's what did it. But man, they just wouldn't leave each other alone. I don't know if it's because they are so close in age, or if they're bro-sis, but they pick at each other so much more that my mom said my sister and I did, but we're 3 1/2 years apart. Oh well, they're awfully cute, so we'll deal with it.

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