June 22, 2007

Top Reasons I Love Night Shift

1. No "white shirt and ties" walking around
2. Doctors are around only when I need them (no offense to MD's)
3. More autonomy
4. Staff work together well because we have to in emergencies because there aren't MD's in house.
5. Higher pay
6. Fewer visitors
7. JCAHO visits rarely take place between 11pm and 7 am
8. More patients come in and deliver quickly because they try to go back to sleep instead of coming in.
9. Our director of over 1 year still doesn't know any of our names.

Disadvantages of night shift
1. Lack of sleep
2. No doctors in house
3. The overall view that night shift is full of inexperienced people, so we don't know what we're doing.
4. Patients that come in because they can't sleep.
5. No one from other shifts will come in/stay over to help when we're short-staffed.
6. Administration don't see our work, so we go unnoticed, not always a bad thing.
7. Our director of over 1 year still doesn't know any of our names.

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tamreyn84 said...

Great list there. SO TRUE! Just reading your blog and so far love it. I work nights in the adult ER and currently transitioning to nights on L&D and I've gotta say I'm so excited. Also, my husband and I are trying for our first child in January! I feel like your blog is going to help me in many ways the next few months:)