June 7, 2007

Big OB appointment

Today i had my "big" ob appointment, as they call it at this office. I had already had the ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy was developing 2 weeks ago. This one was to do the whole bloodwork, assessment and health history thing. I had wondered why they didn't do all of that the first time, but a nurse there told me that they had a string of people come in, go through all the stuff and then when they did the ultrasound, they found out it wasn't viable. So they decided to do that first thing, then in 2 weeks do the rest. it made more sense this time. What was funny, the nurse asking me about my history got to the part about my last delivery by c-section for fetal arrythmia and heart block. She kept saying "I think I remember that, sending you over for a c/s". I had been at another office and switched OB's with this pregnancy, so that wasn't possible. I know she was trying to be nice and I wanted to say, no, I saw a different OB then, but I didnt want her to feel silly. And it doesnt really matter. Got to see the little bean and it was moving all over the place. Heart rate fast, but strong at 180. Seems fast to me, but MD said it was fine. I thought when I started working in OB a few years ago that pregnancy wouldn't be as cool because I see it all the time. Not true. It's still awesome to see the little being growing inside and to hear the heartbeat. It still gets to me like it was my first pregnancy before I worked in OB.
Work was steady last night. No deliveries but we had a revolving door of triage patients coming in for contractions, UTI's, etc. I realized that I haven't personally had a delivery in about 2 weeks, possible more. My patients have just been moving pretty slow recently. I'm sure this coming weekend I'll probably have my share.

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