October 20, 2008

Why I'm a bit stressed right now

1. Just because I have RN after my name instead of MD of course makes me an idiot. I deserve no respect. And because I work night shift, I obviously don't know my ass from a hole in the ground.

2. No, it is my fault that I do not have a prenatal record on your patient. Yes, I've looked in every location, and it is not here. And yes, I am in fact saying that your office staff didn't send the record over even though she's been seen over the last 40 weeks. I do not work in your office, and I work night shift so I don't receive the prenatals from the office, as offices aren't open at 2a.m. so not my fault. But go ahead, ream my ass for it. Really, it's okay.

3. Nothing happens on night shift. Patients just sleep. And weekends, man, they are really slow, so lets pull staff off weekends and schedule them during the week. We need just bare bones staffing on weekend nights because people don't deliver overnight and certainly not on the weekend nights. Really. So when someone breaks the "Rules" and, oh, goes into labor on a weekend night 'gasp', don't give me crap for staying late charting when I had 2 active labor patients , one 9cm without an epidural, the other 4cm and is wanting her epidural, AND I have to hold the hand of a new RN who is on her own but shouldn't be. And all this at once. Oh, and to see how talented at multi-tasking I can be, I'll also be charge RN. So, no, staffing was a bit heavy for your shift (What a problem to have) because I did not have time to do anything but make sure that there was enough staff, and, yes, I'll get my charting done to your satisfaction. Excuse me for putting patient care ahead of charting.

As you can tell, I had a very stressful night last night. I'm really hoping tonight is better. On a lighter note, here are a couple cute pics:

Can you believe Isaiah is 10 months old today!?!?

Isaiah, standing on his head.

The picture is a bit dark, but they are in fact feeding babies. Jacob said "Boys feed babies with bottles, but girls feed babies with their boobs" !


pinky said...

Thank God for cute pictures.

And you forgot that it is also your fault when the crack addict comes in abrupting at 0300. You planned this to ruin the Doctor's sleep. I know you did.

I have a saying "I am a nurse, I must like the abuse."

Erin said...

That picture is such awesomeness.

Mamacita_MD said...

Beautiful pictures of your kiddos!! Wow, 10 months old...they grow so fast!

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