October 28, 2008

Thanks for the supportive comments. I'm feeling more confident we'll be fine. I guess no one said that marriage was easy. And since I keep an anonymous blog, I don't feel guilty about venting. Venting here keeps me from crossing the line when we talk later. No one I know reads my blog. Well, my sister does but that's it. Husband knows I keep it, knows the URL and could read at anytime. Nothing written is anything that I wouldn't say in our conversations. Some things I probably shouldn't,like the whole testicle thing, but nonetheless. As with any stories about work, I make things up, change facts, etc. Our issues could be anyone's issues. And I don't think Husband is a bad man. Not what I'm saying at all. And I'm not completely innocent in this either. If you know me, you'd know how hard-headed and stubborn I am. Husband said once that he found the only woman in the world more stubborn than he is. When you have to stubborn people who both think they are right, you get trouble. I also figured out a way to relieve stress at work: Saying no. That's something I have a hard time with. That in itself won't solve everything, but it's a start. Sometimes its hard to focus on all the good things instead of the bad. We have 23 beautiful, healthy children, good jobs that have flexibility, our own home and supportive family. I know it won't be a quick fix, but we'll work on it. Hopefully we can have a good chat once the kids our asleep and we'll put a new foot forward.
Changing the subject, I just paid $2.39 for gas! Odd how that seems like such a good deal, but just a few short months ago, I paid $4.39 for gas. I remember when I first started driving that gas was $.99 per gallon. Granted, that was a few years ago. And after 9-11, I walked more than a mile home because "I wasn't going to pay $1.99 for a gallon of gas". Seems so funny now. Speaking of that, in a few short weeks, I will be leaving the 20's and will be 30 years old. I remember when I thought that was so old, grown up and mature. What's funny is I feel no different than I did 5 years ago. Is that a good thing? If not, oh well.
Isaiah is also very close to walking. He has been standing for short periods of time the last few weeks, and now he is bouncing up and down and even lifted each foot once. He didn't go anywhere, but he's getting better at balance. Once he masters that, it' all over and he'll be running in no time. I guess I need to exercise anyway! On another positive note, our wheelchair ramp may be coming down this weekend. I am beyond excited. I've slipped and fallen on my butt many times: while pregnant, carrying Isaiah. The darn thing is so slick when it's wet. Plus, it's an eyesore, the kids could get hurt falling off of it and have in the past, and we don't need it. I will be glad to see it gone.

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Jessica said...

I didn't know we were so close in age! I remember when I started driving, I was paying close to that $.99! hahahaha...those were the good days. You could fill up a car for close to $15.00. I was just telling a family member this morning, I don't think I've paid $2.39/gallon since before D was born, and that was over 2 years ago. It seemed weird the other day, I was getting gas, and it took FOREVER to reach $30. I was so used to it zipping right up to the amount before when it was $4.00. Crazy!

Congrats on Isiah trying to walk...it won't be long now :)