October 4, 2008

Random Tidbits

This week has been a long one. So much has been going on, and so little sleep, that instead of making coherent post, I'll just hit the highlights.

* I'm finding myself more interested in politics as of late, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The economy, bailout plan, etc., has gotten my attention and so I've been following the news more. I even watched both the presidential and VP debates. I know I should have been more interested before, but I wasn't. I knew who I want to be the next president based on just skimming the surface of his ideals, but after researching, I'm finding I'm hoping even more that he is elected. I won't get into my choice for the next president, as this isn't a political blog, but I'll be following election coverage this November with high hopes.

* Had noticed the charge for daycare (that comes out of my paycheck) was higher now that Jacob isn't going than it was before. They had increased their rates, as they do every September, but it didn't go up that much. Checked with daycare, and they'd been charging us for Jacob for the last month. This last paycheck was nice without that charge.

* Was in charge Sunday night at work, and staffing dayshift was a pain in my butt. We were dead slow, and we have to staff pediatrics/infusion/outpatient procedures. As far as I knew, our pediatric nurses could hang antibiotics on adult patients. Apparently not, as I flexed off the infusion nurses, thinking the peds nurses could do this. They threw a fit. Good God, people, doesn't it just go through the IV? Seriously.

* In the a.m.s after work, I go and feed Isaiah at daycare before going home. I knew he had a little cold over the weekend, but I wasn't prepared for how pitiful he looked Monday a.m. The poor little guy looked so sad and miserable. I took his temp, and he had a fever. So I took him home, hoping that I could get some sleep in. Alas, sleep didn't happen. I was supposed to work Monday night, but after working all night Sunday, being awake all day Monday, there was no way I could work Monday night.

* Sleep was sporadic all week long. Baby was up more than he was as a newborn: every 1-2 hours, tops. We're all a bit tired.

* Isaiah had a temp on and off all week. Finally took him in Friday afternoon. Verdict: pink eye and an ear infection. Had noticed that morning my eye was crusty and Clara's eyes were pink. So full round of eye drops for all three of us.

* Jacob had his first field trip to a local cheese farm and pumpkin patch. Packed a good lunch for him, put it in his backpack, dropped him off at the sitters where he catches the bus. Pick him up after the doctors appointments and found out that another mom said the kindergartners didn't need their backpack, so he left it at the sitters...with his lunch inside. Thankfully someone gave him a sandwich and a drink that day so he didn't starve. A bit irritated because I look like I just didn't pack him a lunch. Oh well. I'm probably more worried about it than I should be.

* Woke up this a.m. with a raging migraine, a cough and very little voice. Fabulous, because I work the next 3 nights. Migraine is thankfully gone, but I sound like a 85 year old woman who chain smoked her whole life. I encourage my children to share, but I'd rather not share colds.

Hopefully this weekend is a good one. I'm hoping for middle of the road busy nights. I'd like to have a couple deliveries and not have to be charge RN.

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AwkwardMoments said...

I don't know HOW on earth you manage 3 kids a job and a husband ... I feel like some days I am barely surviving .. And i am just caring for 1 and a husband.

I hope the pick eye goes away very soon. I am glad you got your money back from the daycare